12th IPSW Programme, November 4th and 5th
Virtual – ZOOM

List of Sessions:

  • Session 1. Passive sampler development, principles and concepts.
  • Session 2. Role of passive sampling in biomonitoring.
  • Session 3. Applications of passive samplers based on diffusion in hydrogels.
  • Session 4. Passive samplers in monitoring programmes.
  • Discussion: Implementation of passive sampling in policy

Time schedule:

Thursday, 4th November – 8:45 to 15:00 CET

8:45 Opening / welcome Thomas Ocelka, Rianne van den Meiracker

Block 1 – 9:00 – 10:30
Chair: Sarit Kaserzon – Australia

TimeIDSessionTitle and Authors
09:001321Sorption and desorption affinity of 45 per- and poly- fluorinated substances (PFASs) with 11 sorbent phases:
implications for passive sampling
Sara Ghorbani Gorji | Rachel Mackie | Darryl Hawker | Yan Li | Christopher P. Higgins | Karl Bowles |
Jochen Mueller | Kevin Thomas | Sarit Kaserzon
Presenter: Rachel Mackie
09:301251Development of a miniaturised 3D-printed passive sampler for monitoring emerging contaminants in river
Alexandra K. Richardson | Rachel C. Irlam | Graham A. Mills | Gary R. Fones | Stephen Stürzenbaum | David
A. Cowan | David J. Neep | Leon P. Barron
Presenter: Alexandra K. Richardson
10:001381Supporting measurements in calibration of passive samplers for polar organic compounds
Kees Booij |
Presenter: Kees Booij

10:30 – 11:00 Break

Block 2 – 11:00 – 12:30
Chairs: Sarit Kaserzon – Australia/ Elisa Rojo-Nieto – Germany

TimeIDSessionTitle and Authors
11:001281Accessibility investigation of semi-volatile organic compounds in indoor dust using multi-ratio equilibrium
passive sampling approach
Tatsiana Rusina | Simona Rozárka Jílková | Lisa Emily Melymuk | Branislav Vrana | Foppe Smedes
Presenter: Tatsiana Rusina
11:301292Investigation of the relationship between concentrations of hydrophobic organic contaminants in freshwater fish
at different trophic levels and in water using passive sampling
Foppe Smedes | Jaromir Sobotka | Tatsiana Rusina | Pavla Fialova | Pernilla Carlsson | Radovan Kopp |
Branislav Vrana
Presenter: Foppe Smedes
12:001262Bioanalytical Measurement of Passive Sampling Extracts of Different Organs from Marine Mammals
Eva B. Reiter | Beate I. Escher | Elisa Rojo-Nieto | Ursula Siebert | Annika Jahnke
Presenter: Eva B. Reiter

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break

Block 3 – 13:30 – 15:30
Chairs: Brano Vrana – Czech Republic

TimeIDSessionTitle and Authors
13:301233Ammonium and nitrate in agricultural soils analyzed with the Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films technique
Christian Vogel | Jianyin Huang
Presenter: Christian Vogel
14:001243Can we use passive samplers for the determination of chromium(VI) in phosphorus fertilizers?
Christian Vogel | Oliver Krüger | Marie Gentzmann | Christian Adam
Presenter: Christian Vogel
14:301353A Large o-DGT for the measurement of organic compounds in water: First application for neutral pesticides
Juliette Rougerie | Rachel Martins de Barros | Thomas Ballion | Rémy Buzier | Stéphane Simon | Robin
Guibal | Sophie Lissalde | Gilles Guibaud
Presenter: Juliette Rougerie
15:001343Improvement of the in situ monitoring of organic micropollutants in rivers: Efficiency of a Large o-DGT
compared to the o-DGT and the POCIS
Rachel Martins de Barros | Juliette Rougerie | Robin Guibal | Sophie Lissalde | Rémy Buzier | Stéphane
Simon | Gilles Guibaud
Presenter: Rachel Martins de Barros

15:30 – End of Day

Friday, 5th November – 8:55 to 15:00 CET

8:55 Day Opening Tomas Ocelka

Block 4 – 9:00 – 10:30
Chairs: Brano Vrana – Czech Republic/

TimeIDSessionTitle and Authors
09:001273Performance evaluation of hydrogel-based passive sampler for monitoring of polar organic compounds in
Pavla Fialová | Roman Grabic | Kateřina Grabicová | Sarit Kaserzon | Kristie Thompson | Branislav Vrana
Presenter: Pavla Fialová
09:301314Advancing sampling capabilities of the Australia National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program using passive
sampling techniques
Rory Verhagen
Presenter: Rory Verhagen
10:001374Challenges and opportunities for integration of very polar and ionisable compounds (vPICs) into passive
sampling strategies
Joseph Clokey
Presenter: Joseph Clokey

10:30 – 11:00 Break

Block 5 – 11:00 – 12:30

TimeIDSessionTitle and Authors
11:001364Screening emerging contaminants in the Ligurian Sea using passive samplers: Getting the most of POCIS
Henry Mackeown
Presenter: Henry Mackeown
11:301304Performance comparison of silicone and low-density polyethylene as passive samplers in a worldwide aquatic
monitoring network for aquatic organic contaminants
Jaromír Sobotka | Foppe Smedes | Branislav Vrana
Presenter: Branislav Vrana
12:001334Estimating runoff induced pesticide peaks in low-intensity agricultural streams using passive sampling
Verena C. Scheiner | Karina P. Battes | Mirela Cimpean | Heinz P. Singer | Juliane Hollender | Etiënne L.M.
Vermeirssen | Ralf B. Schäfer
Presenter: Verena C. Scheiner

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch break

Block 6 – Discussion 13:30 – 15:00
Discussion leaders: Rianne van den Meiracker

TimeTitle and Authors
13:30Discussion: Implementation of passive sampling in policy
Discussion topics
• What is needed/required to get PS really implemented? This can be suggestions on scientific level or policy level.
• Can PS play a more prominent role in WFD-monitoring than it has so far?
• What are suggestions on national level to use PS?
• Do we need quality standards for free dissolved concentrations in water so compliance checking can also be done with
PS data?
• What is needed to derive the quality standards for free dissolved concentrations in water
14:45Closing Remarks and invitation to Utrecht 2022

15:00 – End of Program
The organizer is reserved to change the program for reasons not expected in advance.

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