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Thanks to all participants
Atteendees of IPSW Boston

On behalf of the organisers and the Scientific Committee we would like to thank all participants of the 11th International Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium, that was held in Boston. This meeting was running from Wednesday 11th, to Friday 13th of September 2019.

 IPSW activities through the years transformed itself from the local event into an internationally recognized platform of experts in this field. The platform helps communication of important topics on the use of the latest techniques for identifying undesirable substances, but also to develop educational activities that are part of various project projects. We are more than grateful for your ongoing interest and invited you on the current Symposium Plan. Important information is available on the website:

All presentations and photo documentation are published on our website, but for participants only. Please use your profile account to access those files.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all from the international committee.


Alvarez D.A. (USGS, CERC, USA)
Anderson K.A. (Oregon State)
Booij K. (PaSOC, The Netherlands), co-chair – SC
Burgess R.M. (U.S. EPA)
Conder J.M. (Geosyntec, USA)
Fernandez L.A. (NU, Boston, USA), chair – SC
Ghosh U. (UMBC, USA)
Harman C. (NIVA, Norway)
Helm P.A. (Environment Canada, Canada), co-chair-OC
Huckins J. N. (retired, USA, honorary member)

Kaserzon S.L. (QAEHS, Queensland)
Lefkovitz L. ( Battelle, USA)
Lohmann R. (URI, USA)
Lord H.L. (Maxxam, USA)
Mueller J.F. (QAEHS, Australia)
Ocelka T. (E&H services, Inc., CR), chair-OC
Parkerton T. (ExxonMobil, USA)
Vrana B. (MU Brno, CR)
Zhang H. (Lancaster University, UK)

Lastly, we are looking forward to meeting you again!

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Thank you all for participants and many special thanks to organizers who been part of preparation for IPSW 2019

Loretta Fernandez

Gabriella Pravdova

Tomas Ocelka

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