Inter­national Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (IPSW)

This symposium is organized by E&H Services, Inc. in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) and worldwide experts, dedicated to passive sampling.

Every year a broad range of experts from passive sampling are invited for presentations on various topics associated with it, for example:

  • Hydrophobic compounds
  • Volatile and semi-volatile compounds
  • Metals, inorganic compounds
  • Hydrophilic compounds
  • Development of novel passive sampling devices
  • Environmental applications and monitoring with passive samplers
  • Toxicity assessment-based on passive sampling methods
  • Key aspects for QA/QC, accreditation, data treatment, analysis and interpretation
  • Environmental Policy and Strategy for passive samplers

Meetings are mostly organized continentally in Europe and US/Canada.

Selected, most recent meetings are presented under their link to their webpages, accessible from the MENU.

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