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Invitation BOSTON 2019

On behalf of the organizers and the Scientific Committee we take pleasure in inviting you to the 11th International Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (IPSW 2019), to be held in Northeastern University in Boston, MA 02115. This meeting will run from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th of September 2019. The event will be held in the same informal manner as with previous symposia (e.g. IPSW, PSWS, DGTs).

The platform helps communication of important topics on the use of the latest techniques for passive sampling of undesirable substances, but also to develop educational activities that are part of various projects.The

IPSW may also be used as a venue for satellite workshops related to practical methods basic skills, or international research projects.

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends!

It is our pleasure to inform you about new developments regarding IPSW meetings. We are grateful for your ongoing interest and I will be be happy to answer all of your queries regarding conferences in Europe, North America and Asia. We are happy to announce that the current Symposium Plan has been clarified and is as follows:


American division, the 11th edition will be held in Boston, set up date is   September 11-13. 

In coming days you will be notified in details.


Europe division: The Netherlands; will be held in Utrecht. The Meeting will run from 11th to 13th of May 2020; as customary, before or after SETAC Europe AM



Asian-Australian division:  Beijing – early September 2020, as common platform of  IPSW and DGT 


More information and updates related to all three meetings will be released soon on this websites.

Lastly, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and participation, for this still growing and  professionally high standing, platform.

We are looking forward to meeting you again!


we would like to remind you today’s Welcome drink at Eastern Standard under 7-10 pm.

Registration is scheduled to Thursday at Northeastern University 8-9 am.


We  are looking forward to see you soon!