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The history

The IPSW platform was founded in the Czech Republic in 2001. The establishment was inspired, among other things, by workshops that were previously held in the US (USGS), as a platform that will be able to operate globally. The success of each event is associated with the names of top experts and contributions from around the world, whose experts are local organizers of these events. Events are usually organized alternately in Europe and the USA / Canada, exclusively as a symposium and workshop with both local and international participation. Regardless of the location, the event is most often organized as a 2-day symposium, usually with satellite parallel workshops, which are usually associated with international workshops. The output of each event is a collection of lectures, or a publication on current advances in passive sampling techniques such as SPMD, POCIS, SR, DGT for monitoring a wide range of organic substances, respectively. heavy metals in water, air or solid matrices. Since its first meeting in 2001, the organization has entered the second dozen events in 2018. An integral part of the events are various social events, which give the events an unmistakable character.

Recent meetings/destinations/chairs

Every year IPSW is organised by IPSW co-founder and current organizer meetings Tomas Ocelka (CEO E&H services Inc.) in Europe, US or other challenging destinations. Recent meetings were organised in connection with local organisers/chairs.
  • 2001: Čejkovice, Czech Republic: B.T. Johnson, P.A. Bergqvist,
  • 2004: České Budějovice, Czech Republic: J.N. Huckins,
  • 2006: Bratislava, Slovakia: Branislav Vrana,
  • 2008: Washington, USA: Dave Alvarez,
  • 2009: Prague, Czech Republic: Branislav Vrana, Kees Booij,
  • 2011: Krakow, Poland: Joanna Rownicka, Adam Grochowalski,
  • 2012: Columbia, USA: Dave Alvarez,
  • 2013: Bordeaux, France: Helene Budzinski, Christopher Harman
  • 2014: Vancouver, Canada: Christopher Harman,
  • 2016: Prague, Czech Republic: Kees Booij, Branislav Vrana,
  • 2017: Toronto, Canada: Heather Lord, Paul Helm,
  • 2018: Dublin, Ireland: Fiona Regan, Mark Bowkett,
  • 2019: Boston, USA: Loretta Fernandez, Kees Booij,
  • 2021: Utrecht, The Netherlands: Rianne van den Meiracker, Marcelle van der Waals, Kees Booij.
In general, each meeting we have attracted numerous professional groups to engage in challenging and exciting scientific topics and presentations. All those persons, including local organisers are kindly acknowledged for their effort and support. Do you remember some icons and logos from the recent meetings?