IPSW 2016

Abstract Registration (ehAbstract)

For IPSW 2016 conference proceeding


  • During abstract registration DO NOT USE button "Back" in your internet browser. Use a navigation bar to get to another part of the abstract.
  • During abstract registration you can save it's identification. Abstract can be finished later by loading this identification.
  • To save data you have to press button "Submit"
  • The fields signed by "*" are required
Authors :
  • The Senior Author needs to be entered as author number 1.
  • If you have less than ten authors, leave the remaining fields blank.
Abstract :
  • The field "Title" do not allow to enter more than 255 characters. Do not type the title in all capital letters. It should be like any other sentence.
  • Please do not enter title, authors, institution or keyword information into the "Body of Abstract" field. This should contain only the text of the abstract.
  • Keep the abstract to one (1) paragraph only. Don't use tabs or spaces for indention. Unnecessary white space will be removed from the abstract when the book is printed.
  • You can use this text style formatting only. All others formatting parameters and tags will be removed.