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This year, IPSW is held in Prague, Czech Republic. During the thousand years of its existence, the city grew from a settlement stretching from Prague Castle in the north to the fort of Vyšehrad in the south, becoming the multicultural capital of a modern European state, the Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union.

For more than 1000 years, Prague has played an important role in the history of the whole of Europe. By the Middle-Ages, the Czech capital was already renowned as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Prague is also known as Golden Prague, since the times when the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV had the roofs of the defence towers of the ancient castle of the Czech kings covered with gold. Prague has a unique collection of historical monuments dominated by Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge and it has been known for centuries as a centre of European cultural life. Culture is alive, a testimony to this are the many famous theatres, concert halls, clubs, and galleries presented as part of the European City of Culture since the Year 2000 project.

The Czech National Library of Technology

The conference will take place in the Conference facility of modern, spectacular building of National Library of Technology (NTK).

Construction of the NTK began in 2006. The modern, state of the art building opened in September 2009. An aesthetically pleasing place to broaden both the mind and the spirit, the library was designed to hold more than 1.7 million volumes and there are up to 500,000 volumes accessible in open stacks.

This modern conference facilities allows us to organise the conference into multiple sessions.

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