Social events

Welcome drink, Wednesday, September 7

The opening reception will be held at The National Library of Technology. You can relax with your friends, having small snacks and drinks.

Social Event 1: The party with local music, Thursday, September 8

Gala dinner, with music and performance Chevalier (does not) dance nude.

Backstage of a Renaissance Festivity

Dance: Chorea Historica

Music: Musica Bellissima

A renaissance chevalier, his lady and her chambermaid, the main characters of the story, are being prepared for a dance festivity. At the beginning of the day they are almost naked. As the time passes, step by step they get dressed with everything what was dictated by the court etiquette and contemporary fashion: starting with silk stockings and garters, ending with a starched ruff…  with every piece of clothing, the original spontaneous expression of the dancer´s personalitiy is transformed into a representation of self-confident and cold-hearted rulers of their dominions. As well as „clothes made the man“, a dance in the Renaissance time formed the whole society. Social Event 2: the party with local music, Friday, September 9Social

Chamber music performance of harpsichord, violin, lute and other historical music instruments shows famous melodies and choreograpies of Renaissance and Baroque era. Both dance and music in the show are based on interpretation of original sources but freshened with substantial piece of improvisation.


Social Event 2: dinner in Sacre Coeur, Friday, September 9

Gala dinner with Chales the fourth the king of the Czech.