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 NORMAN satellite workshop

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Date: 7th September 2016  (13:00-17:00) Promoting passive sampling through a common data repository and the use of a tiered approach for a routine implementation   Abstract: This ½-day NORMAN-supported workshop aims to discuss two key topics to facilitate a more widely accepted implementation of passive samplers for the assessment of water quality. The first topic to be addressed is to design a framework and form specifications for a module to import passive sampling data into NORMAN’s EMPODAT database. The second subject to be discussed is the implementation of passive sampling as part of a tiered approach to complement biomonitoring. We hope this can, through an AQUAREF initiative in France, lead to a pan-European study with passive sampling undertaken alongside regulatory biomonitoring for hydrophobic contaminants.

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PASSES satellite workshop

5 4 Date: 9th September 2016  (9:00-12:00) Third workshop connected to the PASSES project: Utilization of long term (passive) sampling methods combined with in situ microcosms for assessment of (bio)degradation potential supported by The Czech-Norwegian Research Programme (CZ09).   Abstract: This ½-day workshop aims to present the PASSES project, its objective and mainly current results. The PASSES project primarily deals with remediation of the polluted underground environment (consisting of soil, groundwater and soil air). Currently, increasing emphasis is paid to obtaining a maximum of available information about the contaminated site, to create a precise conceptual site model before designing own remediation works. Therefore the PASSES project focus on an utilisation of innovative methods for assessing and further also monitoring of contaminated sites to obtain accurate information on them. The declared aim of this project is to design and verify a novel technology for an assessment of a (bio)degradation potential on specific contaminated sites. At the same time, the objective of the project is also development of so-called passive samplers for an assessment of a (eco) toxicity of different remediation actions. External experts on the utilization of passive sampling methods will also be also invited. 

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SOPOR workshop

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Date: 9th September 2016 (13:00-16:00) Systematic protection of water sources against risk of pesticides pollution and their metabolites (SOPOR)


Research will focus on reducing the impact of applying pesticidal compositions and their metabolites on drinking water supplies.


  • Processing methodologies targeted on monitoring of the occurrence of the relevant residues in the source areas of the catchment area, based on knowledge of relations between the spectrum of crops and products used in the protective zone of water resources and its wider surroundings, hydrological, hydropedological and hydrogeological characteristics territories.
  • Development of a monitoring system for monitoring operational discipline in agrochemical treatment areas of plant protection products for flexible reporting on the findings of an overallotment occurrence in groundwater catchment area administrators.

The workshop will introduce the auditors with the current results of the cartridge development and with the results of pilot application.

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