On behalf of the organisers and the Scientific Committee we take pleasure in inviting you to the 4th International Passive Sampling Workshop and Symposium (IPSW 2011), to be held in Krakow, Poland. This meeting will run from Wednesday, 11th May, to Saturday, 14th, May 2011. The event will be held in the same informal manner as previous symposia (e.g. DGT, IPSW, PSWS, workshops). As it is customary, the date selected for this meeting is prior to the SETAC Europe 21th AM, to be held in Milano, Italy (15th–19th May, 2011).

We believe the IPSW 2011 activities will provide a valuable opportunity for experts using the various passive sampling methods to exchange ideas and experiences.

For main IPSW 2011, there was registered 83 abstracts as a total, from which 37 ones are for platform and 46 for poster presentations. Session arrangement and abbreviated list of abstracts (Topics/Authors/Affiliations) is included at the end of this announcement.

Please, put this meeting in your calendar and inform your colleagues of this event.

Target audience

The target audience comprises experts in the development and application of passive sampling technologies in environmental monitoring and assessment. Other groups for whom this meeting will be valuable are policy makers (e.g. representatives of regulatory authorities, normation organisations and accreditation bodies, representatives of the European chemical industry and governmental organizations) and end users (e.g. consultancy companies, laboratories, municipal water authorities) that have a need for monitoring environmental pollution.



Sessions will be assigned to the following key topics reflecting the development and application of passive samplers in air, sediments/soils and water:

1.    Hydrophobic compounds

2.    Volatile and semi-volatile compounds

3.    Metals, inorganic compounds

4.    Hydrophilic compounds

5.    Development of novel passive sampling devices

6.    Environmental applications and monitoring with passive samplers

7.    Toxicity assessment-based on passive sampling methods

8.    Key aspects for QA/QC, accreditation, data treatment, analysis and interpretation

9.    Environmental Policy and Strategy for passive samplers

For any proposal for new topics, please do not hesitate to contact the Committee.


Satellite event – cancelled

The workshop, Continuous flow integrative sampler (CFIS): “active”- passive sampling a new approach for water monitoring, as planned to be held in Prague, Czech Republic on Tuesday, May 10th, 2011, was cancelled by vendor.